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Welcome to Press HQ for It’s Contagious!™ the game! Everything should be here for your media needs. If you need any specific items, requests, please reach out to Diana at DigitalTrails and she’ll hook you up!

Game Details

  • Players: 2–6
  • Time: 10 min.
  • Ages: 7+

Kickstarter Details

  • Starts: 11/16/20
  • Ends: 12/10/20
  • Funded Goal: $10.1k
  • Est. Reward Fulfillment Date: Late 05/21

Game Copy

Dropbox Media Kit
Dropbox Media Kit
Dropbox Media Kit

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Dropbox Media Kit
Dropbox Media Kit

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Game Videos

How to Play It’s Contagious!™

Learn how to play It’s Contagious!™ as Lola and Tigre play a round!

Unboxing the Game!

Get a glimpse of our first unveiling of the It’s Contagious!™ card game as our family—the co-creators of the game—react with sheer joy!

First Game w/ New Cards!

After many, many rounds of games with our prototype decks (thx Sharpie and White-Out!) we finally got to get our paws on the actual art!

Who will be saved by Antibodies™? Who will become infected with Contagion™? Watch and find out!

Press Coverage

It’s Contagious! on CBS 8 San Diego The Zevely Zone

Jeff Zevely, who covered Tigre’s dad’s COVID-19 recovery, caught up with our family and our new card game, It’s Contagious!™ and also caught some viral fun (and laughs).

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